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Pangkor Laut Island

Pangkor Laut mirrors the dream of a tropical paradise with white beach and crystal clear waters. An exclusive luxurious resort named after the island stands on the eastern side of the island. Part of the resort is nestled within the lush hillside while part extends over the water. The outstandingly beautiful Emerald Bay lies on the western side of the island.

The name is probably derived from its emerald-green water, and combined with the soft, white sand that covers the stretch of beach and the green vegetation that from the backdrop, it's no surprise this beach is regarded the finest beach in Perak. 


Location            :  Pangkor Laut Resort is located on the privately owned island of Pangkor Laut 1.6 km off the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
Best time  : From November to February.
Getting there : By Sea -Pangkor Laut is a 40-minute ferry ride from Lumut
By Air -The private carrier Berjaya Air flies 5 times a week from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport just outside Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor Island

 Accommodations in Pangkor Laut 

Comfort, warmth and contemporary elegance find a unique home on the private island of Pangkor Laut. This one-of-a-kind resort nestles comfortably into its jungle island habitat, offering guests beautifully appointed accommodation.

  • SPA VILLA  - are private bungalows on stilts over the sea offering direct access to the Spa Village. Similar to the Sea Villas, each unit features an oversized bath with ceiling mounted shower, large balcony for private sun bathing and a stunning view of the Pangkor Straits. 
    Sea Villas - Standing elegantly on stilts over the sea and linked by wooden walkways, these villas are the signature feature of the island. Each private villa is airy and spacious, has a large balcony with deck chairs and a bathroom with an oversized tub that opens onto the sea. 
  • BEACH VILLAS - Featuring a private balcony with deck chairs, a large bathroom with a separate shower and a huge bathtub in a private outdoor courtyard, these villas have a breathtaking view of the sea. While providing a stunning scene, the seabed has a natural rocky formation and guests are advised to swim at Emerald Bay.
  • HILL VILLAS  - Perched dramatically on the hillside amidst the rainforest, these villas have a magnificent view of the sea and the Resort's beautiful tropical gardens. Housed in double-storey units, the villas on the ground floor feature a huge bathtub in a private open courtyard while the bathrooms in the villas on the first floor open out to the rainforest.
  • GARDEN VILLAS -  Set amidst the lush tropical gardens of the Resort, these are housed in double-storey units. The villas on the ground floor have a huge bathtub in a private courtyard while the bathrooms in the villas on the first floor open out to a view of the surrounding rainforest. Those travelling with children may opt for the Family Plan Villas - two ground floor villas adjoined from the inside, allowing for convenient access to each villa.
  • SURIA AND PURNAMA SUITES  - Both the Suria and Purnama Suites stand on stilts over the sea and feature an entrance hall, separate bedroom and elegant lounge, balconies for sunbathing, and a spacious bathroom with windows that offer beautiful views of the sea from the oversized bathtub.
  • PAVAROTTI SUITE  - Named after the world-renowned tenor who fell in love with Pangkor Laut, this is an elegant two-bedroom suite set high on the hill in the rainforest. It has a spacious and luxurious lounge area, an extensive balcony with breathtaking views of the sea and tropical rainforest, and an enormous open-roofed bathroom. 
  • Conference & Banquet Hall floor plan
  • Two swimming pools
  • Jet pool and cold dip
  • Gymnasium
  • Three tennis courts
  • One squash court
  • Kazbah Gift Shop
  • Library
  • TV Lounge 
  • Island Clinic & Hair Salon 
  • Island Spa Boutique 

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